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Kathryn Kelly - Author 

Swish Design and Editing worked closely with me to understand my characters and my goals for each of them, as well as where I wanted the plot to go. 

Amongst other things, they pointed out holes in my plot, grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes and misspelled words. They were thorough, fastidious and fast. 

One thing I loved was the fact that at Swish Design and Editing, my book was edited and formatted with lovely graphics. I was also able to get matching book marks because Swish Design and Editing is dedicated to working with authors in each phase of book production. 

I found my experience with Swish Design and editing both rewarding and enriching. I would recommend Swish Design and Editing to anyone looking for experienced editors and graphic designers.

T.L. Smith - Author (USA Today Bestselling Author)

Swish editing has helped me tremendously. I could not have found a better editor who is there for me all the time, and gives me the time of day when I need it the most. After having four books edited through Swish I don't see myself using anyone else. They are easy to contact and always there to give you advice. I will be holding onto this team for a long time to come. 

If your thinking about using them, I say yes. Not only are they affordable they are also kind people. 

Dzintra Sullivan - Author

Swish Design and Editing, are the ONLY editing and design team I use. Whether you have a short story or an epic series of books, this team will be professional, economical and always endeavour to deliver something you can be proud off. I found they listened to me and validated my vision. They worked with me to ensure my books always turn out to be all that I dreamt off. 

Count on Swish to grant your wish! 

Kate Vine - Author

I can't thank Kaylene enough. She did an outstanding job editing my debut novel. Her patience her professionalism, her critique of my work helped me focus on my weak spots, including my lazy grammar and punctuation. 

She is fast and always delivers as promised and even when my "real" life duties slowed me down a bit and I'm sure messed with her tight schedule, she did her best to get work done in lightening speed. 

Apart from her professional work, she's also super friendly and helped me understand many things new authors struggles with. 

I look forward to working with her in the future as I can't imagine better editor." 

Addison Jane - Author (USA Today Bestselling Author)

Swish Design and Editing have been an absolute savior for me. They really believe in taking an author's vision and making it the best that it can be. They get a feel for who you are and really are dedicated to your brand and making it shine.

They are complete professionals who are thorough with their work and put in more time and effort than I ever expected. Not only do have they edit my work but they have helped me grow as an author with their endless support and enthusiasm.

I can't say enough amazing things about them!

Thia Finn - Author

Working with Swish Design is one of the best choices Iíve made since i began my writing career. An author friend recommended them for the formatting but i quickly learned they do a great job in all aspects of book production. Their formatting and graphics made my books look beautiful and professional. For the second book, i hired them to do the editing. They helped make the book tight and ready for the world in such a timely manner. They pointed out areas for improvement and found all errors needing attention and always with a quick turnaround. Their professionalism and courtesy made our working relationship outstanding. Iím grateful for all they did to make it perfect. 

Hazel Jacobs - Author

Swish Design and Editing have been incredibly supportive throughout my editing and formatting process. They went above and beyond for me time and time again. I came to them with only words and a dream to be a self published author and these ladies guided me towards that and I now have 3 self published novels that I'm incredibly proud of. The love and professionalism they put into your work is vastly rare these days so I can't express the gratitude I have for Kaylene and Kimberly enough. The support and advice I received from them has been amazing. Extremely lucky to have found these ladies and I look forward to working with them for years to come.

Melissa Jane - Author

I canít speak highly enough of Swish Editing & Design. I have used their services many times now and will certainly continue to do so in the future. Dealing with Kaylene throughout the editing process of my work is easy and insightful. She offers excellent advice on where I am falling short and she is always timely and efficient. I have recently also used Kimberlyís services for the Ďdesigní aspect and she, with little information to go on, created something beautiful. 
Together, Kaylene and Kimberly offer an all-round service and for very affordable prices. Thank you ladies for all your wonderful work!



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